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Franco Dell'Acqua



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Running into a global warming

Global warming is changing our Planet. I observed for the last eight years what is changing with Mountain hares (Lepus timidus scoticus) in Cairngorms Nat. Park, Scotland

I spent many weeks during last winters observing strategies, interactions and behaviour of two different populations of Mountain hares (Lepus timidus scoticus) in the Cairngorms National Park, Scotland.
First pics were taken almost eight years ago. Many mountain hares used to dig a nestle in the snow to endure the severest weather conditions in the Highlands. Their coat perfectly white made them almost invisible, like ghosts and you had to follow tracks on the snow or waiting for them to move. Latest photos show mountain hares with their typical white-blue fur, in a desolate landscape without snow. They are like white spot in a green-brown field. It’s impossible for them to camouflage with the environment and avoiding predators such as foxes and golden eagles. This is one of the many aspects of the global warming that is changing our planet. Wild animals are no more able to follow this repentine changes and their future is uncertain.