Project Detail: Intervention in Nature in the world


Wildlife and Nature 2020




Miquel Angel Artús Illana



Project Info

Intervention in Nature in the world

Project on human intervention in Nature in all its areas in a negative way. Different examples in different parts of the world.

As a nature photographer, I try to capture the beauty that surrounds us in my travels, be it landscapes, animals, atmospheric phenomena, etc. But unfortunately in all trips and in all parts of the world, not everything is beauty in nature.
In all places I have found negative human intervention, and this is what I try to present in the project: Flag on an islet of seagulls, Storks on high voltage towers, Marmots with satellite dishes from neighbors, Run over foxes, Marked Lions Marillos knife, Birds trapped in nets, Abandoned WWII ship, Stuffed bear in a hotel reception, People who do not respect the distance with wild Bears, stairs full of people to visit waterfalls, Aurora Borealis on abandoned merchant ship at sea.
Examples photographed in different countries, Spain, Andorra, Falkland Islands, Norway, Alaska, Iceland, Canada, Italy
I will continue to capture the positive and denounce the negative.