Project Detail: Agility, power, endurance, calmness, endangered.


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Agility, power, endurance, calmness, endangered.

The King of the Alps, the ibex, is well known for being strong and agile in climbing the steepest walls. Quick to disappear among the most inaccessible ridges. Resistant to travel long distances. Robust in withstanding harsh temperatures.

Despite these extraordinary characteristics, it is one of the species most endangered due to its extreme fragility.
All the individuals who currently populate the Alps descend from a single family. As there is no genetic variability, the ability of the immune system to fight diseases or infections is practically non-existent. If individuals are genetically different, the probability is higher that there will be some individuals able to resist and heal from infections and diseases. If, on the other hand, the variability is almost inexistent as in the case of the Alpine ibex, the chances are low and this can be lethal for the whole population.