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Wildlife and Nature 2019




Mateusz Piesiak



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Shades of blue

wildlife, blue

Birds have always fascinated me with their grace in flight as they balance slight differences in wind with a tiny beat of their wings.
Shades of blue is a long-term photography project, for which I have focussed on depicting special moments of animal life in light conditions dominated by the colour blue. My favourite time for photography is at dawn, before sunrise, when darkness slowly retreats. I like this stretch of time between night and day, the soft light while nature gradually awakes. And it is all the same to me whether it is a timid egret or a common pigeon that I am photographing. Every bird has its own beauty, which I would like to capture in extraordinary images. I am grateful for every day that I can spend outside and for all the special moments that I am allowed to witness through my lens.