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Julian Tugwell


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Imperial Nature

I am a Pantheist. I will not fight it. It is (in) my nature. And (in) my interest.

I am a Pantheist.
I will not fight it.
It is (in) my nature.
And (in) my interest.

I have always been madly in love with nature and have dedicated my life’s work as a professional jurist and engineer in agronomy, nature lover and sustainable development preacher, to the utmost important and imperious task of radically transforming the way our human societies function, from ones adapting nature to themselves, to ones adapting themselves to nature.
From ones relying on and promoting self interest, egoism, isolation, arrogance, competition, greed, individual recognition, war and fantasy,
to ones founded on and breathing through common interest, greater good, universality, humility, communion, solidarity, collaboration, unity, love and reason.
From economies based on fictional perpetual « growths », unequivocally incompatible with the physical reality of our world, to economies based on stable, complex and diversified regenerative short circles, always integrated in the greater natural cycles of their ecosystems and of the global planetary balance.
Waste does not exist in the natural world.
Humanity must eliminate it from its existence.
At every level of the creation, destruction, production, transformation, distribution and consumption of any good and service.

This implies Human Beings, through dedicated radical international and national policies, proper funded objective and scientific education and information systems, being able at the younger age to detach themselves from their own limited natural condition, with its inevitable short-sighted and narrow-minded burden of survival, primal fears, needs and feelings, to nearly divine apostles of Consciousness of the Greater Existence, put on earth to marvel at the overall interconnection and immense rarity, beauty and unfathomable holistic complexity, wonder and majesty of Life, in all its amazingly diverse forms, and tend to all its Greater needs, which will then bless us all fully through its infinite and vital abundance.

This humble photo project, called « Imperial Nature », which mostly captures nature in two of its ecosystems which suffer most and quickest from climate change, has for sole ambition to delight the soul and the eye, as much as spread the biblical word of the imperative and immediate need for Humanity to realize its full potential as «Guardian of Existence» and attain global awareness of the immense fragility and indescriptible beauty of all natural manifestations of Life, which will, for Eternity, remain the greatest Art of all.
So let us curate it accordingly.

We are the result of 4 billion years of evolutionary success.
Let us act like it.

Some are born to sweet delight, some are born to endless night.
Let us spread more light.

Peace, Love & Nature be with us all.