Project Detail: Knocking the Winter Door


Wildlife and Nature 2019




Felipe Zanotti



Project Info

Knocking the Winter Door

It was one month seeking the light and the wonder of this little corner of Patagonia, trying to capture the beauty and the nature of this magic place.

4 Years ago I heard about El Chaltén, a little town located in the south of Argentina, loved by the trekkers and photographers, surrounded by one of the most beautiful and breathtaking mountains you've ever seen.

I always heard the best season to go there it was summer, but I wanted to see the real face of that indomitable place, I wanted to live and feel the cold, winds, rain and snow, I wanted to show to the world the winter side of El Chaltén.

This project shows the last breathes of autumn and the first heartbeats of winter. Chaos and peace are shown on twelve pictures, moving from the sunrise to the night. From my dreams to reality.