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The Animals are NOT Ours

Fur Farming

I entered this competition to try and raise conscious about the gruesome and terrible things that are happening to magnificent creations of Mother Nature, such as foxes, minks and many more , by the hand of the FUR FARMING INDUSTRY. I hope that through my photographs people will see animals as i do FREE, WILD and BEAUTIFUL and not as unnecessary clothes accessories.

Fur Farming FACTS:

* There are over 5.000 fur farms in the EU located around 22 countries and account for 50% of the global fur farmed production.
* The EU is responsible for 70 % of the fox farmed fur production.

Why farming and wearing fur is WRONG ?

* Living Conditions
- Confined space is very common on fur farms . According to PETA majority of the animas are put in small cages without any freedom of movement often resulting in cannibalism and diseases.
* Slaughter Methods
- Since number one priority for farmers is preserving the fur, they use such gruesome and horrible methods without even thinking about the pain that the animal is going through, one of wich is attaching clamps to their mouths and anuses and then mercilessly electrocuted.
* Wearing Animal related clothes
- In today's advanced world with numerous fabrics and materials, i find wearing animal related clothes just inhumane and disgusting. STOP wearing fur.

Freedom for the ANIMALS!

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