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Mattia Nocciola



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The secret life of the Ticino River

A journey to discover the fish of the Ticino River

The Ticino River is Europe's largest river park. It serves as a fundamental ecological corridor for northern Italy for many animal species, providing them with a safe route with little anthropogenic disturbance to reach the Alps from the Apennines and the plain.
Unfortunately, fish fauna is not in good health, and alien species are taking over native species. As animals that are difficult to observe by most, there is little public interest in freshwater fish. Often the interest is only of fishermen, who hardly care about the fate of the river ecosystem, but rather are often a vehicle for the spread of alcton fish. The conservation of native fish fauna is insufficient for the vastness of the environments, but despite this in the deepest holes, in the most sustained currents it is still possible to find extraordinary animals such as the Adriatic Sturgeon, animal which is at the heart of several reintroduction projects.