Project Detail: Under sky full of singing birds voices


Wildlife and Nature 2019




Eurika Balsyte-Ojakoski


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Under sky full of singing birds voices

Now I am living in Finland, but 2-3 times per year I visit my hometown Šiauliai, and there is always a time to visit a place remote about 12 kilometres from Siauliai city. Walking around the crosses, I still feel a surreal atmosphere. Except during the frosty winter morning, the silence is a rear visitor here. The Hill of Crosses has some powerful spiritual force which attracts me. I like to observe how time and globalization change this place as in the different time of the year and over the years. Small rosaries chime in the wind as a chorus of thousands of whisperers thanking God or asking for his guidance under The sky full of singing birds voices. Exactly birds are the most exciting point of visiting. Listening singing birds, watching them feeding chicks on the crosses I always contemplate about the natures and humans past and future. Along with religious and social meanings, crosses with singing birds resembles a permanent art exhibition. Then I whisper silently: THANK YOU, GO

I am taking photos of the same place about ten years already. From the beginning, it was attractive to observe The Hill of Crosses as a phenomenon of religious and social activity. With years I have discovered the place exciting as birds watching site. The collection of my observations is growing as growing my knowledge about birds behaviour and species. My equipment Canon EOS70, Canon EF-S 70-250mm, Tammron 18-400mm