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Wildlife and Nature 2019




Joël Fischer



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Deers of Jura

Photo report on deer on the island of Jura, Scotland

This project is the result of three trips to the island of Jura, Scotland.

On this 50 kilometers long and 12 kilometers wide island live 200 humans and 6,000 red deers in the middle of astonishing landscapes.

It is therefore common to cross deers along the only road that crosses three quarters of the island in its length.

It is also where was born George Orwell's famous novel « 1984" and where the author had come to live until the end of his days. He had then written this book surrounded by sea and deers, in the Barnhill farm, isolated at the end of this land, facing the immensity.

This place is therefore conducive to creativity, loneliness and reflection and the five senses are often all alerted when walking in the great plains swept by the wind.

The raw nature and the incredibly nice inhabitants make one feel at home as soon as one arrives on this island at the end of the world.

It is then normal to go to the "Jura Whiskey » distillery’s shop to buy a small bottle and go for a drink in the nature after walking a few hours.