Project Detail: Wild nature in black and white


Wildlife and Nature 2019




Joël Fischer



Project Info

Wild nature in black and white

African nature photographed for several years in black and white

Made in the Kenyan savannah, this project is the result of several years of travel to photograph the African nature. These trips allowed me to observe the majority of the species present in this region of the world.

Working with long focal lenses and wide angles, I try to show the beauty of wildlife in the most transparent way possible, by presenting a work of very close animal portraits or by showing very wide landscapes.

Using black and white, I try to communicate my feelings and the atmosphere felt during the shooting, using the artistic side of nature.

The great plains of Masai Mara lend themselves perfectly to the use of this monochrome technique. Indeed, skies are often loaded and animals, already photogenic in nature, are sublimated by a single light, highlighting them.

The animals in the photos are all wild and have all been photographed with Canon and Sigma material, then processed with Adobe Lightroom. If the contrast and tones have been accented, no items have ever been removed from a photo.