Project Detail: Noctua the nights of the Little Owl


Wildlife and Nature 2019




Marco Fabbri



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Noctua the nights of the Little Owl

The hidden life of nocturnal birds of prey

The Little Owl is one of the most widespread and common nocturnal birds of prey that you can meet, small goblin with twilight habits, silent night hunter, guardian of darkness.
In the past, the lack of knowledge of her habits and the songs that echoed in the night, led men to give him different interpretations , from the most contrasting, considered the bird of ill omen and the bearer of death in Italy until it was venerated and depicted as a bird of the gods in ancient Greece.
Strigiformes since the past arouse interest in man and still today when everyone goes to sleep for her begins a new night that few of us know and very few see, the silent and stealthy Little Owl is closer to us than we believe.

This kind of photographer requires a lot of observation and study of the species.
Driven by the desire to document what our eyes can't see, I went in search of instruments and techniques, building myself what was necessary to achieve the desired results.
The remote observation with infrared cameras allowed me to calculate and study their movements and trajectories.
The equipment installed at a height of 3 meters and operated by a sensor I built made it possible to freeze the fastest actions, from further away with a monitor watching the scene I turn everything on and off at the best time, always putting in first place his health not unnecessarily disturbing the species.