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Antarctic Dream

Antarctica the last frontier

These pictures were taken during a trip in Antarctica. I get there from Ushuaia by boat. The first challenge is the Drake passage crossing, where the Pacific and Atlantic oceans meet and create some of the most challenging navigation conditions on earth, best illustrated by the Cap Horn.

After 3 bumpy days, the White Continent lies right in front of me. The days are endless and the sunlight never disappear from the horizon during the summer. The elements here are most powerful than I have ever encountered. I feel insignificant looking at the immensity in front of me.

The seals, the penguins and even the birds are not scared by us as they have never seen human presence before.

The spectacular beauty of Antarctica force me to think about its future and the disruptive human activity putting at risks the nature and the ecosystem.

What would the next generation find in few decades? It is still time to think about how to preserve this beauty.