Project Detail: Soul of the North


Wildlife and Nature 2019




Alessandro Ardoino



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Soul of the North

Listen to the Soul of the Great North through the species of birds that inhabit it and find in it vital lymph for their survival ...

With this collection of images I would like to convey an emotion, as the great north with its species perpetually enchants the soul of the photographer.
In the series we retrace through the photograph moments from the life of some endemic species of the north such as the Puffin, the Common Tern or the Buntings intent on the most typical behaviors that distinguish them; every shot takes a moment of a migration, a journey back to the nest, a struggle for the territory, the search for food in glacial environments or a simple immersion in a sea of colors.
I hope to be able to transmit with my shots the atmosphere, the smells, the emotions, the colors and the scenarios that only those who travel in the great north can feel their own and that will hardly be moved from the depths of their soul ... photographer or simple travelers from the greenest Scotland to the icy Greenland passing through the migratory routes and the most characteristic species of each place ...