Project Detail: Genets


Wildlife and Nature 2019




Felipe Arauzo Burillo



Project Info


This serie of pictures could be considered as part of a project that started about four years ago when I got in august 2015, with a hunting camera at first time, to film a genets familily who live in a bank river forest (Rio Huerva) to ten minutes walking from my home. From then everything has been a continious learnig as the behaivor and customs of the genets as the relative to night and high speed photografphy using several techniques in order to get these photographies. I consider my self a natur lover and I try to learn with it in every meaning. Every wild species that I have photographied in Spain they has teach me some thing and all of them have a common instinct, they fear to the human specie. I wish that this proyect still last many more years. All photographies are taken in natural places with wild genets.