Project Detail: Cool Spray,


Wildlife and Nature 2019




Srinivasamurthy Prakash



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Cool Spray,

1.Lesser Cormorant in is merry mood, 2. Glow in flight, 3. Golden Day, 4. Parade of Pachyderms, 5. Sumo Wrestlers, 6. V 2 VR 2

1.In a bird sanctuary near by the city, on one of the early winter morning this cormorant too a dip, as I watched its vigorous body shake
sprayed the water all round. Back lit and converted to BW image stands out.
2. These mud swallows were busy house building under a overhanging rock cliff on a river, on a early winter morning this back lit flock were looking like
lit bulbs.
3. As the sun rose above the horizon, the first rays fell on the lake surface, I waited for the common Coot to the reflection of the son, lil PP here is the result.
4. It was late afternoon in Ambosoli NP, this herd passed by the dead elephant, it was almost like saying Life must go on.
5.These languors were in a merry mood, the siblings suddenly decided to test their skills under the watchful eyes of senior.
6. Ruddy shelducks are winter visitors to little Raan of Kutch, on a cold morning Feb 19, the wind was still and the light was rt, the water acted like a perfect mirror.