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Wildlife and Nature 2019




Miquel Angel Artús Illana



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Bear cubs

Bear cubs behavior project when they start learning to fish

For six days I was camped on the edge of a lake in Southern Alaska. From the lake was born a river that descended approximately three kilometers to the sea, through which salmon rose to desobar. My project was not to photograph how the bears fished, but to photograph small bear cubs, big enough to enter without fear into the water, but small enough not to know how to fish.
Accompanied by his mother they spent many moments of the day trying to imitate the mother in the art of fishing. They never got it and they had to settle for what it left them. They were moments of struggle, of games, of races, of food.
It was exciting to be able to focus on these little bears as they learned the main lesson they needed to survive.
Thousands and thousands of photographs I could capture, this is a small summary of how these beautiful creatures interact in their environment.