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Paolo Salmaso


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The climb

Grapsus adscensionis

I was in the Canary Islands that week I was exploring the island of Tenerife. That day I decided to go to the adventure and photograph some enchanting scenery in the far south of the island, after driving for hours I decided to stop, so I decided to stop and relax. I stopped in a small village that overlooked a rocky cove, got out of the car and I noticed that in the ocean there were surfers who were intent on taking some wonderful waves, what better occasion not to take my photographic equipment, I lay down on the rocks adjacent to them to capture great scenes, but to the sudden, I saw that the rocks around me were teeming with life, so my interest was now turned only to the wild life that took place around me, one scene in particular hit me, a black crab lying on the rock basked in the sun, while suddenly from a rock near a red crab tried to reach the other, crossing a cliff to then climb the rock and stay together with his companion, I was very impressed by what this little animal could do.