Project Detail: White wilderness


Wildlife and Nature 2019




Tibor Kercz



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White wilderness

The magic of the animals living in the white, cold enviroment.

The white is the most noble color. According to Goethe’s color theory: white is the combination of all colors. Kandinsky’s color explanatory: “ White is not a dead silence, but one pregnant with Harmony of Silence, possibilities.” For me the visual possibilities in white enviroment are based on the aboves. I love the homogeneous, clean fore- and backgrounds, which helps to highlight the theme in the frame. The empty , white part of the image is also a very important, essential part of my works. The clear-out composition, the minimal-like components are concomitants of my way of seeing the Wild Wilderness. By this way I intend to represent the hostile, chilly conditions, where my favourite (specially the white) animals are living and outliving day by day…The wildlife photography in such circumstances are not smooth. The main difficulties are: the rapidly changing weather conditions, the low temperature, the unforeseeable wind, the harsh lights on sunny days or the heavy snowfall.