Project Detail: The Beaty of Cappadocia


Wildlife and Nature 2019




Barbara Pitteloud


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The Beaty of Cappadocia

scent of nature

With this series of pictures I would like to show the natural beauty of this part of Turkey named Cappadocia.
During my trip I was amazed by the beauty of this area full of canyons and valleys. It’s an open nature museum full of magnificent pieces of art. Mother nature has done a good job. In some places the nature is so weird that it looks like being on the moon. Usually Cappadocia is known for the balloons that fly at down when the weather condition are perfect, but please if you go there don’t underestimate to do some trekking. Doing this kind of excursion gave me a breath of freedom and a real contact with nature. I had to stop during my trekking not because of the fatigue but because I needed time to admire it in full, to record everything in details in my mind. It was an emotional trekking. Every canyon is different from the other one . The shade of colors start from white rocks to red one.
These canyons show the immensity of nature and this view help me to understand that we have special panorama for free, we should take more care about them.