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Lalith Ekanayake



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Home Alone

Greater Crested Terns

Greater Crested Terns (Thalasseus bergii) are one of the migratory birds to Sri Lanka and they habituate during mid-year in remote islands off gulf of Mannar. Despite extreme difficult and tiring sea passage and terribly hot and humid condition with zero shelter, I went on numerous occasions to capture their life and habitat. Their behavior which really portray a unique natural history moment. “Nature is so stunning” I believe. This picture was taken with the depiction of vulnerability of this gull chick. The image is an example of using a really wide-angle lens to create drama from the birds wheeling overhead, enhanced by the complementary colours of the bird against the blue sky. I used a camouflage camera which controlled by a remote shutter from a distance. Bird photography need not always be the province of long, expensive lenses!.