Project Detail: Disposable


Swiss Storytelling Photo Grant 9th




Sara Affolter


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In industrialized western society, animals are becoming disposable.

Every year, countless animals end up in animal shelters, in rescue centers or on mercy farms. Or if they are not lucky, they end up at the slaughterhouse or are euthanized. The reasons why they end up at these stations are manifold. Overstrained owners, who are not familiar with the exotic species, but finally were just looking for a nice decoration for the living room. Pets which become a burden and are then disposed of somewhere. Especially due to the pandemic, many have acquired a pet without being aware of the longer-term consequences. Animal shelters are fuller than ever. The animals that live in human care are completely dependent on it, no matter whether it is cold outside or the vacations are temptingly just around the corner. But so many forget which duties it brings with itself to acquire a living being, too temptingly the attraction of this has the effect. But the suffering that results is difficult to bear. Many look the other way, and some don't even want to know about it.