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Reportage and Documentary 2022




Isabella Franceschini



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Pink HopLand

A survey on the introduction of hop cultivation in Italy by a family of women who, upon receiving the farm from their father, decide to get involved by experimenting with an innovative and sustainable agribusiness. Currently 98% of the hops used in Italy are imported from Germany and the United States, which are the largest producers in the world, but with the feminine voice of hop farming, things could change. It may be a coincidence, but only the female flower rich in lupulin is used.

Three generations of female agricultural entrepreneurs - mother, daughters, granddaughters - are developing an innovative and sustainable agribusiness in their farmer’s co-op inherited from their father at Grattacoppa, RA.
Currently 98% of the hops (Humulus lupulus L.) used in Italy are imported from Germany and the United States, the world's largest producers.
Since 2018, this female company has introduced the cultivation of hops in 5 hectares of their lands, becoming the leader of a research project on Italian hops with the scientific advice of the University of Parma and funded by the Emilia-Romagna Region. This has allowed them to develop transversal projects in the transformation of hops with the aim of enhancing the local territory also from a social point of view by creating the first beer with fresh hops made in Italy in addition to the essential oil of Italian hops for tasting and herbal use.