Project Detail: A family story


Reportage and Documentary 2022




Bente Marei Stachowske



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A family story

Family life with disability and adoption

Anastasia and Bill fall in love on a flight, that was 19 years ago. Today they live with their five kids in Roseville. Two are their own children and three are adopted. Bill is 23 years older than Anastasia and has osteogenesis imperfecta, it leaves him short of stature and confined to a wheelchair.They adopted three boys from families with drug-addicted parents. Adoption and disability are openly discussed within the family and with others.
When Anastasia was pregnant with her first child Lillian, they were told that she will also have OI. Lillian is now 17 years old. So far she needed 14 surgeries because her bones easily break, sometimes even by a wrong movement.Two years later their second daughter Anna-Lena was born, she is 15 years old and does not have a brittle bone disability. A few years after Anna-Lena was born, the family decided to adopt two more children through foster care adoption. The two boys Elliot and Luca are 9 and 11 years and both come from families with drug-addicted parents. In January 2020 Anastasia received a phone call that Elliot's birth-mother got another child and so Levi came to the family. At first as a foster child, when he was just two days old, and a year later the family adopted Levi.Thy live in Roseville, California, in a house with a garden, three dogs, and two cats.