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Reportage and Documentary 2022




Elide Cataldo


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Photographic project on the Gorgona Prison

I could see the Gorgona from the window of the house. It was the island watching me.
A perfect drawing, lying on the edge of the sea, a place to turn to, a familiar and unknown shape that called a deep part of me.
The island is a prison, made up of human beings who are serving a sentence.
When I read the article on the closure of the slaughterhouse on the island, I thought that the beneficial energy of that place had to radiate in an infinite movement from the sea to the land and vice versa.
Today Gorgona is the island where nature, like a benevolent Goddess, acts and saves, reducing the distances between species and instilling the ability to remain human.
The investigation on this island, from which man cannot get out, wants to highlight this union between spirit and nature and seek access to the truth, imagining that nature works deeply with our soul, allowing us to give vent to the part. better than us and granting a saving possibility to those who know how to listen.