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Simona Budassi


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Threehundredsixtyfive takes you to know the hard daily work to keep a zoo going.

365 days a year, animals in a zoo have to be taken care of. Be it winter or summer, will there be a pandemic or not. c. I spent 2 years inside “Zoo d'Abruzzo'' in Abruzzo, Italy, run by the Bellucci family. Once managers of a well-known Italian circus, from 2006 the Bellucci have been developing a different way of thinking about animals and are now fully committed to educational activities and continuous improvement of the spaces. Thanks to their background, the relationship between them and the animals is particularly close. Not everybody knows that zoological gardens play an important role in preserving species in danger of extinction and that, through the collaboration with local Forestal Guards, they host animals seized or abused. Last year, “Zoo d’Abruzzo” was finally recognized as a zoological garden by the Environmental Ministry.