Project Detail: Savage Capitalism


Reportage and Documentary 2022




Agostiño Iglesias



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Savage Capitalism

Tonho, a "rural hippie", lived "waiting for the world to react and for savage capitalism to lose dominance". Finally, he may have lost all hope and decided to die.

"I had to see the devil to seek the Light," stated Tonho.

Environments of dubious legality and tavern friends sheltered his sea voyages. Perhaps She, “La Luz”, was the one who returned him to the origin to recover the trade with which his father had conquered his mother, artisan basketry.

The "rural hippie" as he defined himself, built with his hands a small house in the mountains in a place conducive to introspection and spirituality, where to plant the land, give basketry courses and isolate himself, as an ideal of life and as a critic to the current, consumerist and polluting society.

In his last message, in August, Tonho responded to me like this to how the pandemic was happening: "Waiting for the world to react and savage capitalism to lose dominance."

He maybe he ran out of strength to wait or got tired of doing it; he may have gone in search of The Light. Perhaps none of all that had anything to do with it. We will never know what the hell led him to kill himself in December dismal 2020.