Project Detail: They will destroy my house at Christmas


Reportage and Documentary 2022




Roberto Scordino



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They will destroy my house at Christmas

This project wants to tell the people who live in a small Roma camp located in Rome and that the Municipality wants to destroy by putting the people who live there in the middle of a road without any prospects.

Cesare Lombroso's Roma camp located in the Torrevecchia district in Rome it has existed for more than 30 years, at least ten before the Municipality of Rome made it official. About 200 people live there, most of them minors. Most are part of the same family clan made up of the descendants of a Bosnian Roma couple came to Italy 50 years ago and from other refugees here after the war in Yugoslavia. Almost all have always been born and lived in Italy, the little ones are the children of family members once born here but almost all of them have neither Italian nor Bosnian documents. This prevent them from finding a regular job or being able to rent a house. Now the Municipality of Rome has decided to dismantle the Roma camps still present and for this camp in particular there should be an eviction this winter. Nobody knows what will become of the people and minors living here. If they will be dispersed they will lose the only form of support they have which is that of their community, children will not be able to continue to attend schools where they are inserted and all the relationships, both human and working, that they have created in recent years in the neighborhood. Above all, theirs is a community culture that does not fit ours atomized lifestyle in condominiums where many times you do not even know the next door inhabitants. This project wants to tell these people trying to give them a aiming to go beyond sociological and police statistics.