Project Detail: Wildlife Genocide


Reportage and Documentary 2020




Britta Jaschinski



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Wildlife Genocide

Confiscated Wildlife Items, Border Patrol, USA.

Confiscated Wildlife Items, Border Patrol, USA.
We are losing species at an alarming rate. Millions of animals and plants are caught and harvested from the wild and sold as food, pets, tourist curios, trophies and traditional medicine. Our wildlife is wiped out in the name of status, greed, fashion and superstition.
Do we want to live in a world without rhinos, tigers, leopards, bears, turtles - the list goes on. The illegal wildlife trade is the world’s fourth largest organised crime and the unsustainable demand for wildlife products is driving many animals to the brink of extinction. If we don't act now and the demand, we will lose our battle to save our wild species.
FYI the project for shot between 2016 - 2018 but the date was set to the camera manufacture's date.