Project Detail: SIN


Reportage and Documentary 2020




Matteo Capone


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A visual research that focuses on pollution and environmental protection. In Italy there are 12,482 potentially contaminated areas whose 38 are considered highly polluted. Indeed, the “Ronchi decree” (1997) established to distinguish and declare them "Sites of National Interest (SIN)" because of their delicate precariousness. The project now concerns three SINs located in the centre of Italy: the municipalities of Bussi sul Tirino and Piano d’Orta in Abruzzo; Orbetello in Tuscany; Terni and the small hamlet of Papigno in Umbria. All of these sites are located near naturalistic and tourist areas (Gran Sasso Natural Park, Argentario Mount and Marmore's Waterfalls); in addition, there is similar pollution among them. All have former factories of the Montecatini mining and chemical company (1888-1966), active or abandoned chemical poles, asbestos in a pulverized state that doesn't let the recovery and huge waste dumps that arise in the valleys or are stationed under the citizen's houses.