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Reportage and Documentary 2020




Gabriele Guida


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The People of The Abyss

The latest surveys show that in Italy 4,6 million people live in absolute poverty and cannot afford goods and services which are considered essential for an acceptable living condition. Out of these 4,6 million, 1,3 million are minors. 8,8 million people live in relative poverty: their level of consumption is inferior to the average per capita expenses of a family of two members. Moreover, 1 Italian out of 5 is at risk of poverty. “The People of the Abyss” wants to give a face to the people behind the surveys through a journey across Italy of 2020. From North to South, in the suburbs, the little towns and the alleys of the big city centers to gather the testimonies of those who live in difficult economic situations and to narrate the places and splendors of a country where indulgence is silent, dignified and - most of the time - hidden.