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Reportage and Documentary 2020




Schultze Frank



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Young Muslims have found their home in Germany and are fighting against violence and terror.

It is often said: Muslims do not distance themselves from terror.
A group of young Muslims from Düsseldorf does exactly that, and sharply and provocatively: "12thMemoRise" realizes spectacular performance actions in pedestrian zones, their enlightening videos circulate among young Muslims with high frequency; the recordings show, for example, re-enacted IS executions or slave markets.
The heads of the group are two brothers, Hasan and Muhammad Geuad, Shiites from Iraq who fled to Germany with their parents as children. The core group consists of nine comrades-in-arms. About 40 activists can still be activated. All members share the same fate and have integrated into German society as refugees. Despite all their tensions, they manage to reconcile their actions, religiousness, integration and education.
With their actions, the group attracts a lot of attention, including fierce hostility from Muslim communities up to threats to life and limb. The exciting question is what happens when a group of young Muslims like "12thMemoRise" takes a radical and extreme stance against jihadis and Salafis.