Project Detail: MARTA


Reportage and Documentary 2020




Francesco Cilli



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The journey of being a brother to a Down Syndrome girl told with daily life pictures.

Marta, my sister, was born with an extra chromosome.
This project has started, without even knowing, in 2015, when I was traveling with my family.
I did not realize that I was taking pictures of her, only when I came back home, having a look to the shots taken, I understood that I was starting a project, which might be the most important of my life.
Marta has disrupted our lives, she has changed our habits and our way of thinking.
She lives in a numerous family with 5 siblings, she loves the good food, swimming and dancing.
She has a strong sense of humor, she is unstoppable and determined.
Her life is based on school, friends, sports and therapies that help her on the development of her social person, on top of that a beautiful sense of craziness.
Every now and then she stops to observe other people, lost in her thoughts, that I would love to know.
Shooting her let me remember how much I was scared before her birth, a fear that I found out being a result of my ignorance.
Taking photos of her is a way to tell the world that having a sister, a daughter or a friend with the Down syndrome is not a misfortune but a blessing.
When you have a sister like Marta you understand that your dreams, your hopes about your future need to be deleted and you realize that the only thing that matters is her happiness.