Project Detail: 189 ST. CATALINA


Reportage and Documentary 2019




Romano Antonio Maniglia


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The struggle of the working class on the outskirts of Buenos Aires

On the outskirts of Buenos Aires, at number 189 in Santa Catalina’s street, is located the metal factory “Canale” producing jars for food. From 31 October the machines of the factory are off. About 90 workers have received a telegram of dismissal and are getting no subsides. Marcelo Pallero is one of the workers dismissed. He is the father of Roman, a six-years-old child, and he is married with Carla Anabel Moreira (31 years old). He has no salary for 4 months as well as the others 86 families of workers. Marcelo works in the same factory for 16 years like his father Mario (62 years old), who works at “Canale” for 26 years.
The workers have not given up hope and have organized a permanent sit-in in front of the factory which has continued for 4 months. They don’t want to flee the factory to check that the machines remain to their place. “We could start production again, also today” says Marcelo “we only need the raw material but it is only iron”.
COTRAMELL is the name of the cooperative which they founded to take over the factory in order to restart the production, but this project takes time and a lot of patience. But the workers have confidence and want to carry on the fight.