Project Detail: Meeting Sofie


Reportage and Documentary 2019




Snezhana von Büdingen



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Meeting Sofie

Series about a girl with Down Syndrom

I got to know Sofie, 19 jars old girl with Down Syndrom, in the autumn of 2017. She’d just finished school and spent almost every day on the family estate in Eilensted (Germany). Sofie’s father is an antiques dealer and they live on a very old farm. The whole house is filled with antiques and the family is passionate about them. Sofie grew up in this atmosphere. Visiting Sofie and her family for over a year, I experienced their everyday lives; sharing at that time the highs and lows of her first steps into love. However, Sofie’s relationship with boyfriend Andy ended the following summer. Every time, I learn something more. She feels the same things as we do, but, I find, sometimes more intensely. I’ve seen her happy as well as terribly sad. The feelings of the people she is close to and loves are important to her, as is how they relate to her. But she also finds joy in simple things and is free from social pressure. She doesn’t seem to think at all about what others think of her. She is able to separate herself from the day-to-day.
Until now Sofie continues to live on the farm estate with her parents, her brother and the countless animals.