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Reportage and Documentary 2019




Xavier Ferrer Chust



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life in the Monastery of Neamt

The work of MONASTERY, reflects the daily life of the monks, from the manual activities that kept alive the ancient crafts for the subsistence of the community to work with the incorporation of new techniques, the solemnity of the liturgical rites Orthodox, the artistic wealth of the wall paintings, Goldsmith and the iconostasis, the moments of song and prayer with the sale of handicraft souvenirs, the auxiliary presence of the beguines and devout women, are objects of interest of the photographer but, above all, their attention is focused on the study of intense gestures and glances of the monks, emotional reflection of a level of serenity and inner joy, where a group of humans defend as in past centuries the freedom of your spirit , in survival against noise and agitation of the society that surrounds them.