Project Detail: We gonna make it!


Reportage and Documentary 2019




Hossein Fardinfard


Project Info

We gonna make it!

The story of the new young generation in the country of Georgia where they want to forget communism and make a new more western layer in their own society.

The story of a generation that wants to break the communism's shell which still surrounded some parts of their society. Through the current decade, a significant movement has appeared among the youth in the country of Georgia with less than 4 million population, where they tend to get closer to the west and Europe Union by respecting their own traditions. A path that direct them to a point further than Eastern Bloc and particularly Russia that in their opinion is an aggressive government and occupied 20% of their soil.

This intense and notable shift is apparent in their social behaviors, culture, art, and lifestyle and makes them quite different from the previous age, and their parents. A more educated layer is coming up, and the old patterns of life are watering down; Requests for learning the Russian language is decreasing, and in return, the number of participants in English, German or French language is rising. If you ask them, why is that? you hear, "We gonna make it!"