Project Detail: Save the women, save the world.


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Save the women, save the world.

The plague of the Gender Based Violence in Nepal.

The violence against the female gender is one of the worst issue hidden in the Nepali society. This social problem is the major reason that leads to suicide, the principal cause of death among Nepali women in reproductive age. The gender inequality is at the root of social, economic and legal problematic. Nepal, a Least Developed Country (LDC) characterized by a slow economic growth, socio-economic underdevelopment and low level of human development, is emerging from a politically and socially fragile post-conflict situation which has generated poverty and inequality deeply entrenched as form of social exclusion. During the past years, Nepal Demographic and Healt Survey (NDHS) has revealed that one in five women of reproductive age (15-49 years old) has reported once in their lifetime an experience of physical violence and more than one in ten experienced sexual violence. However, a majority (75%) did not seek any help and only 7% of women who had experienced sexual violence had reported the assault. The principal reason why GBV is so common among Nepali women is due to the deep rooted conviction in the society that man is more important than woman. The low power of women in Nepali society, their economic dependency on men, traditional power structures, the lack of family and legal support, and their subordinate social position are factors making them particulary vulnerable to GBV. The traditional patrilineal system put pressure on Nepali families to give birth to at least one son. The men’s views about the importance of sons and daughters are highly influenced by traditional customs and gender roles which dictate that only boys can carry on their father’s name and continue the family lineage while girls are expected to be dutiful and provide emotional support. Due to this thinking way, women are often relegated to the domestic sphere and consequently have a restricted mobility that hinders them from fully enjoying their rights. Reporting this social issue can contribute to make people aware about this problem, which is an important step towards this fight. An equal world where women and men are on the same level will guarantee a better future for humanity, and it will contribute to develop an aware society with same rights and same opportunities for everyone.