Project Detail: LGBTQ Community of Taiwan


Reportage and Documentary 2019




Luca Santini



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LGBTQ Community of Taiwan

LGBTQ Community of Taiwan

Taiwan is a small island in the south-east of China, and is the most advanced country in terms of LGBTQ rights throughout Asia.
In fact, in May 2017 the idea of ​​approving marriages between people of the same sex was seriously considered, giving itself as a deadline precisely this May.
On May 17, Taiwan officially becomes the first country in the whole continent to legalize same-sex marriages.
To document this story I landed in Taipei in early March, not knowing how the story would develop, I chose to focus on people, portraying them in a domestic environment to create intimacy between myself and the subjects. I have portraited them that emerge from the darkness by beams of light, channeling the attention of those who look towards their faces and their looks.
The project started in March 2019, I would like it to become a long-term project to be able to grasp all the facets of the first country that recognized marriage between people of the same sex.