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Matteo Mazzotta


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The pursuit of hope

About 300 km and 4 hours journey, the most moving of my life

28 february 2017

The alarm clock was early that day. I was excited.

I left for the first time the very touristy village of Watamu, in which I overnighted.
We had booked a Safari of 5 days with a very nice ranger, whose name unfortunately I do not remember, who would take us to the Tsavo National Park to guide us.

Just before leaving the village, the ranger stopped in a very small shop to buy 3 or 4 big packs full of cheap boxes of cookies and he told us they were to be given to the people of the villages away from Watamu.

As we moved away from the resort, the poverty grew more and more and the people ran towards us, knowing that we would have something for them.
The further away we went, the faster they ran.
I wanted to document it at all: a thousand emotions that I decided to capture and now I want to share through this project, whose goal is to convey to your mind all that I have experienced.

Small premise: most of the pictures were taken “randomly”.
I used my left hand to distribuite biscuits while I was taking pictures with my right hand.
The result was surprising.
Photography acted as a bridge: I lived the moment but thanks to photography I also had the opportunity to analyze the many intense expressive looks of the children that I hadn't noticed at the time because the only thing that worried me was to please and help everyone.