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Reportage and Documentary 2019




Marco Marcone


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Kathputli Colony

A trip to a place that no longer exists.

A trip to a place that no longer exists. In fact, in December 2016, the Kathputli slum was completely razed to the ground after the 2,800 families that inhabited it for more than 50 years were removed from the Indian police and army.
Kathputli, which means puppeteer in the local Hindi language, was not only the name of a slum, but represented the art that accompanied and continues to accompany these artists from Rajasthan in many national and international stages.
Kathputli was the largest ghetto of artists in India, inhabited by acrobats, puppeteers, acrobats, singers, musicians and shamans who shared this seemingly miserable space, where art and magic took shape among the narrow colored streets.
Jagdish, the puppeteer head of this community, feels the weight of this sad story.
The freed space will result in an immense commercial center, as envisaged by the Master Plan of Delhi.