Project Detail: simili modo


Reportage and Documentary 2019




Daniel/Jan Niedermeier/Staiger



Project Info

simili modo

Exploring the function of illusory worlds as interfaces between science and society.

What happens if we don’t act with foresight? -we make mistakes.
Mistakes that are not accepted in an advanced society.
How can we enable ourselves to get access to a world that has so far only been pure imagination?
We create playable illusory worlds. They serve as laboratories. Interfaces between genuineness and modification. Using them, we as humans
can pursue our urge for extension of our habitat, the increase of our standard of living as well as the prolongation of our lifespan.

All of the images however, embed the primary object or place in an artificial setting. By focusing on the threshold between pure
reproduction and staging, strongly connected with the photographic medium itself, the lines between reality and the illusory world are blurred.

The spectrum of those imitations crosses many branches of society. Sometimes they almost collide with our everyday life and yet,
often times they are hidden from the public eye.