Project Detail: UNA VELOCIDAD


Reportage and Documentary 2019




Ronald Pizzoferrato


Project Info


The present work shows how inhabitants from Caracas use violence as a form of expression, how they have normalized its omnipresence and how it has consequently already become part of our everyday lives.

The last five years Caracas has been suffering from an imminent social and political collapse. In this sense, the reality of my native city has been shown in many ways but always from a quantitative point of view, something statistical in a certain way, something that can be counted or measured. However, for me the city of Caracas is more than just numbers and a reference of a failed state, and for this reason my research is focused on exploring Caracas' identity and the way that the inhabitants of Caracas have to face the situation and try to have a normal life in spite of the difficult circumstances such as constantly increasing homicide rates and the worst socio-political situations in Venezuela's history. But what is it like to be a citizen of Caracas? What are its people's dreams? The present work called "una velocidad" demonstrates how we are used to reinvent ourselves on a daily basis and how we create a path to survive in the context of Caracas. The more I dig in this dark surface, the more magical and unique aspects I discover about our identity and culture. It somehow gives the appearance that in Caracas the metabolization of tragic events has becomes art.