Project Detail: Just Love. Om chanting and Puja in Switzerland


Reportage and Documentary 2019




Lara De Maria


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Just Love. Om chanting and Puja in Switzerland

Reportage and documentary

OM Chanting is an ancient group healing technique that was reported by Sri Swami Vishwananda's Guru - Mahavatar Babaji - to help restore balance and unity in people and the world. Sound and vibration are the essence of creation. OM is the primordial sound that creates and pervades the entire universe. It belongs to the whole of humanity, regardless of nationality, ethnicity or religion. Collectively, OM Chanting brings significant benefits to Mother Earth and heals the surrounding environment to the place where the OM group forms the circle (text taken from Bhakti Marga Italy).
In Switzerland and in the world many people are united by love and a day all hearts will beat in unison. Just Love.