Project Detail: Sicilian Sea


Mobile Photo Contest 2017




Alex Foolery



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Sicilian Sea

I consider this work more like a visual experience than a project. Since two years, for every summer, I used my passion for photography and used it as a cure of my hatred for the sea. I confronted my hate of the sea and my love for photography to overcome my negative vision of all the things I associated with the sea, and that I could never stand like sitting in the car and touch the boiling steering wheel, the suffocating heat of the air inside the car, or even the sand inside the costume, between the toes, behind knees, the salty sweat on the skin that begins to itch as soon as you wear the clothes, the stones under your feet, the oily fingers from the sunscreen. I've traveled a lot around the seaside in Sicily, sometimes alone, sometimes with friends. I took my smartphone and I tried to improve myself, I tried to share my passion inside all of those problems, and to search the changement, the evolution of this strange feeling I had for the sea. These photos are the contrast between my love and my hate.