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Giacomo Pignatiello



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En las fronteras del mundo - Patagonia

Everyone is fascinated by adventure: travelling alone, discovering unknown places, taking risks, discovering new cultures and enjoying the wilderness of nature. The desire of adventure is hidden inside all of us.

I've been searching for adventure all my life, and I've finally found it by travelling alone to Patagonia in a one month journey, backpacking through Argentina and Chile in order to discover beautiful landscapes at the edge of the world. It was definitely the trip of my lifetime.

During this incredible journey in one of the most remote corner of the planet I've seen how stunning nature can be: massive glaciers and cobalt fjords, desert roads in the middle of nothing and spectacular mountains with snowy peaks. In a world dominated by humans Patagonia is still pure and uncontaminated.

I've visited two of the most famous National Parks of the region: Torres del Paine e Los Glaciares. Like a real adventurer I've slept in a little tent and I've hiked for days to fully enjoy these wonders of nature.

In Ushuaia, the southernmost city of the planet, also known as "El Fin del Mundo", I've met very good-hearted people that made me discover their culture and their customs for a few days.

This experience really changed me: living a journey along Patagonia and travelling alone made me feel alive again and gave me positive energy to go back to the everyday life.

"Patagonia! She is a hard mistress! She casts her spell. An enchantress. She folds you in her arms and never lets go!"

Bruce Chatwin - In Patagonia (1977)