Project Detail: Notes to self - photography to inspire a more human behavior


Mobile Photo Contest 2017




Marina Carvalho



Project Info

Notes to self - photography to inspire a more human behavior

To live in community is part of human nature. We seek for connection and love , even while busy with work or in the craziness of a busy city.

This project , captured with a mobile phone , aims to show how much love , connection and relationships exists in a big city through the eyes of a traveller. It’s not about sight seeing but relating to it’s people, culture, architecture and noticing, on the small acts, how kindness is sutil and, at the same time, powerful.

It’s an invitation to look around with different intention, wearing the "lenses of a traveller “ on your day to day routine and give new meanings to find beauty in what life presents to you.

Photographs are powerful invitations to self growth and undestanding. So is travelling! When we add the ideia of experimenting new places to reflecting with what we see we are filled with inspiration, autenticity and a sense of belonging. May pictures be tools not only to inform the attocities of modern life but also a tool to promote it's beuaty.

Notes to self aims to promete reminders to the observer on different perspectives to relate to the world not as a recipe and an absolut truth but as an invitation to think about our presence in the world.

About the author

Marina Carvalho is a photography student in Brazil. Enthusiast of black and white photography finds inspiration in lifestyle and street photography to express herself.

Loves to travel and uses photography as a tool for self discovery. She truly believes that the exercise of looking at the world from different perspectives and empathy is a powerful way of inviting people to rethink old behaviors and act towards a more sustainable and kind society.