Project Detail: Mi Lindo Caribe


Mobile Photo Contest 2017




Nathalie Vigini



Project Info

Mi Lindo Caribe

Those pictures are taken in a little charming town in Costa Rica, on the caribbean side.

Here people and time goes on slowly with the rhythm of nature, people enjoying life at the beach and with the easy vibes.

I wanted to show the beauty of the area and represent the essence of the Caribbean through photography. With a street photography style, the pictures catches spontaneous moments and daily life of the area.

Those pictures wants to represent also that is not always neccesary to have a great camera, with a phone you can also tell stories and show the reality around you, while traveling or staying home.

“I am a traveler and an amateur photographer and with all my photos I like to catch daily life and spontaneous moments of people and places. I want to show the beauty of the world, the colors and the positive story around us.