Project Detail: Bird’s Eye View


Wildlife 2018




Alessandra Meniconzi



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Bird’s Eye View

Photographing birds in flight poses a real challenge for photographers. Bird in flight, good composition and light has represent for me some problems. I am not a wildlife photographer but like a landscape and people photography before to shot I always try to learn my subject. Before to get this image I try to understand how they move. The Alpine chough, a bird in the crow family, is the most familiar with mountain hikers with a fast powerful bounding flight. A storm appears to be under way, an icy wind is incumbent on the region of Säntis (Appenzell-Switzerland)
I saw a small flock of Alpine Cough coming toward me. Thanks to the strong wind, that myself I had difficult in standing, I was able to captured their impressive acrobatic flight skills. "Kria! kria! kria!", their shrieks so loud and insistent and the scenic clouds as foreground that for a moment I felt as if I were the ill-fated character of Alfred Hitchcock’s movie "Birds". Alpstein massif of northeastern Switzerland. Canon EOS 5D Mark III, EF24-70mm f/2.8L II USM, 1/1328 sec; f/16; ISO 640