Project Detail: Under the pants. About the body and identity.


Emerging photographers 2018




Hien Hoang



Project Info

Under the pants. About the body and identity.

“Under the Pants” is an experimental project about perception, misconception and identity.

At first, I started the project with the idea about documenting the underwear’s culture, because the small garment is an interesting item, which lies between the line of “visibility” and “invisibility”. Believing that the underwear can show the personality of its owner, I took on my journey through Germany to take pictures of people in their underwear, at their home. As my journey went on, I realized that there is indeed something beyond the underwear. It is not just about the color, the size or the material of the underwear, but moreover, the dream, the depression, the insecurity, the desire and many hidden characters which one person can hold to her- or himself. Getting to know the people and their more private, intimate side makes me think about how superficially we can make assumption about someone just by looking at their clothes or their name tag.

In summary, “Under the Pants” is not only about the hidden characters lying underneath the clothes, but also about how a person can be perceived differently and how trivial our assumption making process is.